Eurolab is a PV laboratory that facilitates pre-production of back-contact PV modules, R&D projects, and small-scale production.


We are specialized in providing reliable testing for our customers, global science institutes, material vendors and solar challenge teams.

Our team is thoroughly trained in production methods and equipment. As the market continuous to expand and the need for superior-quality PV modules grows, we ensure both quality and efficiency with all we do.

Eurolab offers its customers the possibility to pre-produce PV modules.

Because Eurolab makes use of Eurotron equipment, clients can benefit from fast-track certification. Because of this, the time between equipment implementation and a certified production plant can be reduced to a minimum. Moreover, tests of new materials and processes performed at Eurolab, take place in a small-scale, confidential environment.

Eurolab Laboratory overlapse with Factory certification
Research and development

The booming solar panel market - which is critical for a clean energy future still needs innovation

Fortunately, many companies within the global solar industry and partners we are working with are committed to this. In joint projects we explore new applications like integrating PV modules on cars or water, new materials, new techniques etc. Back-contact technology aids in delivering the highest performance, durability and aesthetics. Eurolab facilitates research that enables innovation in this field.

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