Embracing sunlight


Every hour, the Earth receives enough sunlight to meet the world’s energy needs for one year. At Eurotron, we embrace sunlight by developing turnkey automation solutions for production of back-contact PV modules which capture every ray of sunshine. Take the step towards a sustainable future now.

Turnkey automation solutions for your back-contact PV module manufacturing

Climate change is a topic which fills our media and asks for urgent attention. Journalists try to document its effects everywhere across the globe. Severe droughts, flooding, intense storms – everywhere you turn, the news is talking about extreme weather patterns that wreak havoc on the environment, economy, and society. Reduction of carbon dioxide emissions is proposed as an effective solution. Time to reduce fossil fuels ! The solar industry is in place and it is bearing the responsibility to contribute in the worlds energy needs.

Eurotron makes this a reality by developing high-tech automation solutions for the manufacturing of back-contact PV modules. For climatic reasons, but since solar energy is more affordable than fossil fuel, why wouldn’t we pick the most attractive option ?


Eurotron is the global market leader in automation solutions for back-contact PV modules

In this type of module, the electrical interconnection of the cells takes place on the back, as a result of which the metal covering at the front is largely or even entirely absent and the metal patterns are hardly visible. After all: why would you block the sunlight!

High-tech automation equipment for manufacturing back-contact PV modules.
High-tech automation equipment for manufacturing back-contact PV modules.

You’ll need the best-in-class automation equipment to manufacture the highest quality and most reliable solar panels. Get to know Eurotron’s equipment.

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Euromax 90

Full-size automated production line for back-contact PV-modules.

Panels PH: 90
MW/YEAR: 260
Workers per shift: 4
Euromax 90
Euromax 90
Euromax 60
Euromax 30
Euromax 5
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Euromax 90

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With over 15 years of experience in the industry and an installed production capacity base of almost 4 GWp, Eurotron prides itself as being the leading high-tech PV equipment supplier. To accelerate the global need for sustainable and clean energy Eurotron continuously invests in new innovative technology and partnerships with major companies, active in energy transition.

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Global leader in equipment for manufacturing back-contact PV-modules