The IBP tool was developed as ultra-precise milling tool that can be applied in various ways, for example to structure a copper-based conductive back sheet. Structuring is enabled by single-headed rotary milling. Debris is removed by a vacuum system and collected in a bin.


The IBP comes with a vacuum table, which is activated by the operator with a foot pedal switch. Upon activation of the vacuum, the milling tool will structure a predefined pattern. When completed, the milling head moves away from the conductive back sheet and the vacuum is released. The operator can manually remove the structured back sheet and feed an unstructured sheet. The milling tool is operated by linear drives; the tool itself is electrically driven. Changeover time of a milling tip takes about 2 minutes – stand time depends on the processed materials. Linear speed of the IBP is 0.3 m/sec. Accuracy in Z-direction is +/- 30 µm. Height differences caused by materials and/or the vacuum table are detected and result in a correction of the milling head in the Z-direction.


Sheets per hour
  Up to 1 m/sec.
Max. sheet size
  2000 x 1000 mm
Air consumption
Energy consumption

Process steps: