Next generation back-contact solar modules in pre-production in Eurolab

Since the very first start of Eurotron, we have been at the forefront with state-of-the-art production equipment for manufacturing back-contact solar modules. Today, we are noticing an increasing demand for back-contact solar modules. We are excited to be involved in many initiatives and share our knowledge and long-term experiences with materials and production processes.

Within Eurolab, our well-equipped laboratory, lots of R&D projects take place. We also facilitate the pre-production of the next-generation back-contact solar panels.

Jeroen van den Berg, Project Leader Eurotron: ‘We have been focusing on back-contact solar modules because of the improvement in performance and durability in contrast to traditional modules. It’s great to notice that the market now seems ready for large-scale introduction. Back-contact modules are becoming the standard; it’s just a question of time.