Production tool for structuring conductive back sheets.

Panels PH: 10
Workers per shift: 2


The IBP tool was developed as an ultra-precise milling tool that can be applied in various ways, for example, to structure a copper-based conductive back sheet. Structuring is enabled by single-headed rotary milling. Debris is removed by a vacuum system and collected in a bin.

Highest standard in PV-modules

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We incorporate advanced automation, robotics and the latest innovation in solar technology to produce the highest standard in PV modules. Premium PV modules of the highest quality with the latest defect rates in the industry.

Fully compatible with:

Cell Cuts
Full and half-cut cells

Panel dimensions
Max. panel size
2,400 x 1,400 mm

Cell types
All back-contact cells

Cell dimensions
⁠Cell dimensions at
customer choice

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Euromax 90

Full-size automated production line for back-contact PV-modules.

Panels PH: 90
MW/YEAR: 260
Workers per shift: 4
Euromax 90
Euromax 90
Euromax 60
Euromax 30
Euromax 5
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Euromax 90
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