Euromax 60

Scalable automated production line for back-contact PV-modules

Panels PH: 60
MW/YEAR: 175
Workers per shift: 2
Tooltip Printing cell interconnection
Downwards elevator
Glass de-stacking
Front encapsulant unwinding and lay-up
Quality inspection
Cell positioning
Lay-up of rear perforated insulator
Printing cell interconnection
Back sheet lay-up
Upwards elevator
Euromax 60
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Euromax 60

Scalable automated production line for back-contact PV modules fully equipped and provided with high-tech equipment customized to your specific needs and facility. Made to be fitted with only a few workers per shift. 

Highest standard in PV-modules

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We incorporate advanced automation, robotics and the latest innovation in solar technology to produce the highest standard in PV modules. Premium PV modules of the highest quality with the latest defect rates in the industry.

Fully compatible with:

Cell Cuts
Full and half-cut cells

Panel dimensions
Max. panel size
2,400 x 1,400 mm

Cell types
All back-contact cells

Cell dimensions
⁠Cell dimensions at
customer choice

Main features

The superiority of the Euromax 60

Innovative cell positioning

Innovative cell positioning

Unpilling and placing solar cells is a sensitive process. Eurotron automation distinguishes itself by showing close-to-zero yield losses. How is that possible: first of all by using a special developed ultrasoft gripper system, based on multiple Bernoulli combinations. By this gripper, the cells are picked up, pass a vision inspection and quality control system which is provided with dedicated and smart algorithms. During advancing to the placing position, the cell gripper receives correction information with respect to X, Y and Theda direction, in order to place the cell at its perfect position, allowing an optimal electrical contact as well as the best optical appearance for optical alignment. Cells which are out of specs can be discarded even before placing. The beauty of this system is ONE-TIME cell contact which boosts the reliability of placing and reduces cell breakage.

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The SolarVision system is one of the key functions in our turnkey production lines. Through the SolarVision system, we guarantee the highest quality solar panels built exactly as designed.

Laser cutting unit

Cutting-edge technology for applying interconnection

The interconnection unit is a high-capacity printing unit which applies solder paste or conductive adhesive on the contact areas of the backsheet foil.

Works with module sizes up to 2,400 x 1,400 mm

On the Euromax 90, both small PV modules and PV modules with sizes up to 2,400 x 1,400 mm can be produced fully automatically. Our advanced technology and latest innovation in solar technology ensures the most reliable and high-quality PV modules with the lowest defect rates in the industry.

Module Sizes

Integrated quality inspection

It's important to know whether a PV module meets the strict quality requirements. Therefore, each PV module is assessed for the presence and placement of cells using our smart vision system.

Integrated quality inspection
Module Sizes

60 PV modules per hour

The Euromax 60 is a scalable front-end production line with an output of 60 back-contact PV modules per hour. On an annual basis, 175 MWp of total capacity can be produced.

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Euromax 90

Full-size automated production line for back-contact PV-modules.

Panels PH: 90
MW/YEAR: 260
Workers per shift: 4
Euromax 90
Euromax 90
Euromax 60
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Euromax 90
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